What do you think about walking shopping, visiting pagoda, playing around in amusement park… in the clouds? Yeah, seriously, you can experience it all in the Fansipan Legend – the hottest destination in Sapa town. Let’s find out together, what is going there.


Located in the southwest of Sapa, Fansipan Legend is a resort complex with many class projects as well as tremendous cable car system, five-star hotels, restaurants, coffee shop… After the successful launch, Fansipan Legend become a trendy must-check spot in this city of the clouds in no time thank for the splendid view and many wonderful experiences waiting for traveler to discover.



First of all, just only the cable car system can impressed you from the very first sight. By this convenient way of mountain climbing, you are supposed to visit the unique exhibition of the art of the nature. To bring you to the other side of the cable car system by passing through every layer of the clouds, you will definitely drop your eyes with many beauty of the clouds.



Sometimes, the clouds gather as a lot of white fluffy sheep, sometimes in shape of a river or a giant silk gently covering the mountains. After all the most magnificent is the ocean of clouds. As a matter of fact, from the altitude more than 3000 meters above sea level, Fansipan Legend is an ideal spot to admire the this stunning scenery.



The moment you make the first footstep outside the cable car you can even have the incredible feeling of being covered by the light fog and cloud. You still have to finish more than 600 stairs to reach the roof of Indochina – Fansipan Mount. Every single step closer to the destination will make you have to admit that this is a real hidden paradise.



If you are a devout Buddhist, there is no reason for you to miss such a chance to visit one of the highlight of this resort complex, the Vietnamese pagodas built right near the cable car stations. For many travelers who love spiritual tourism, this attractive destinations is no doubt a great welcome to this place.



But don’t just admire the view and forget about take some beautiful picture. Honestly, no one can resist to do a stunning album while enjoying the peaceful ambiance. It’s completely true to say that this place is the perfect combination of the intelligent architecture and the beauty of nature when you find out the shade of many species of cherries blossom silently decorating every corner there.

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Standing on the Mont, touch the cloud and see the sky gate are all you can talk about this time visit the city of cloud Sapa. Bamboo garden, shopping area, coffee shop… all interesting things are waiting for you to find out and experience. But, don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to make a complete tour in this place, relax in a cozy room in the luxury hotel there is a very interesting option for you.



So, what are you waiting for? let check this place with Sapa tours, you will absolutely love it fore sure.

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