After a busy working week, people want to have moments away from the noisy town. Feeling comfortable waving in the cool water, sitting quietly listening to the whispering waves and inhaling the taste of the sea is really the most exciting thing in the hot summer days. Through this article, visitors can refer to some beautiful in Hanoi tours.

Tra Co and Mong Cai – the most romantic beach in Hanoi tours

Tra Co Beach is known as “the most lyrical beach in Vietnam tours” with a wide and flat beach, smooth white sand in the blue sea throughout the four seasons. Near the coast are shady casuarina forest strips and nearby mangrove ecosystems.

Tra Co has a cool climate, quiet space and also has a wild character. Here, you can also buy fresh seafood right on the beach when fishing boats and fishermen have just come back to catch.

Starting from Hanoi, you must pass the road over 300 km to reach this beach. However, the road to Tra Co is beautiful, easy to go and has many facilities.

Mong Cai welcomes more than 50 thousand visitors during the holidays

Hai Tien Beach, Thanh Hoa – a beautiful beach but still deserted

In the past few years, Hai Tien beach is the destination of many families in Northern Vietnam. The name Hai Tien will appear when visitors want to go to the beach short day but do not like any place too crowded. Sea Hai Tien is 160 km south of Hanoi and 20 km from Thanh Hoa city to the Northeast. Due to the development of tourism is not long so here is quite unspoiled, never fall into overload.

Hai Tien Sea is like a highlight that brings different and new features to other Thanh Hoa beach destinations. Thanks to the talented and intellectual hands of people, many luxurious and modern tourism infrastructures have been built, making this place more poetic and romantic.

Hai Tien Sea attracts many northern tourists

Previously, the evening in Hai Tien was quite sad, but now more and more services and shops developed with all kinds of shops to play. Regarding food service, if you like seafood, you can ask the business households here to cook and enjoy right on the beach.

Cai Chien Quang Ninh Island – a pristine beach recently exploited

Quang Ninh owns many beautiful islands and beaches, but the most popular ones are Co To or Quan Lan. However, because of its popularity, the number of visitors to this attraction on holidays is also very crowded. Recently, sea lovers went to Cai Chien island of Mong Cai city.

About 330km away from Hanoi, Cai Chien is not as beautiful as “magic” like Co To but still looks intact. A special feature of Cai Chien island is that there are mountains and sea. The beach is about 2km long, fine white sand and clear sea water enthralled anyone and make sure you have an enjoyable weekend.

Cai Chien Island Paradise – Hot New Destination In Quang Ninh

Cai Chien Beach is the most chosen place because there is a homestay service, a tent rental, and dining. On the island, there are only about 100 households who live on agriculture, not many families make difficult transportation, so you contact the place in advance on the island.

In addition, Hanoi tours have a lot of sea options for tourists. You will have relaxing moments watching the life of the sketchy people here. Very peaceful, very Vietnamese. It is suitable for those who want to travel to a deserted place.