Buffalo trading floor in northwest Vietnam 2

Through the article Water buffalo and its meaningful life in northwest Vietnam, the important role of the water buffalo in life of northwest people is still not a mystery. This fact lead the apparition of some buffalo “trading floor” in Vietnam’s northern mountains. It sound strange, doesn’t it? Let the information right below explain to you.

As the usual fair in the northern Vietnam, Buffalo market is a weekent event, people hold the market every Saturday in the halfway over the hill. Thinking about buffalo market we’re thinking about Can Cau market in Sapa, Lao Cai. This market is such a big regional event that attract not only the residents from neighbor tribes and provinces but also Chinese. In fact, the market gathers all year round except for the harvest. Each family have at least one person visit the market to make sure not miss any chance to get a “bargain”. Not only people who care about buffalo come to the market but a lot of tourist make sure to check this place to broaden their mind in front of such a unique view.

Buffalo trading floor in northwest Vietnam 2

On this day, all owner lead their herd of buffalo to the marketplace. The scene is incredible. It’s no exaggeration to say that the number of buffalo that you can see in this special market can be much more than the sums of all the times that you saw this kind of animal in your entire life. Buffalo for sale is have all features of a lusty alpha with big legs, strong backbone, widening horns… It’s all depend on what kind of buffalo people are looking for: a male or a female, for ploughing the field or for charging goods…

Buffalo trading floor in northwest Vietnam 2

What is the first thing you think about a market? Noisy? Yeah, that’s absolutely right but not in the case of this unusual market. Come to this land, tourist just hear a lot of whispering sound. In fact, the vendor and the buyer suppose to a have private conversation, they don’t shout or say out loud. Furthermore, tribespeople don’t try to make people pay too much money so that the trading happen very smoothly. And more than hundred buffalo for sale every time like this so no one return home with an empty handed feeling but a smiley face and their spoils.

Buffalo trading floor in northwest Vietnam 3

Along the way home, you have a nice chance to admire the lovely picture with Hmong girl in their colorful traditional dress next to merchandise from agricultural product to beautiful authentic handicraft. Especially, a lot of delicious food stalls are waiting for you i.e. local corn cake, tribal Pho… Thinking about that there are nothing better than a happy feast of flavor between the old and new owner of the buffalo will have with the specialty Thang co and the homemade wine.

Buffalo trading floor in northwest Vietnam 4

This marketplace is no longer a pure “trading floor” but a nice place to dating, to meeting and to playing around… Then it became more than a commercial spot but a cultural place accompanied with a lot of beautiful trait.

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