Hanoi does not attract people by being a magnificent capital but it is a simple Hanoi that makes people drunk with its beauty and memorizes their Hanoi tours forever. From the peaceful ancient city to the roadside coffee shops, from the romantic flowering seasons to the poetic streets. All of them become a special feature representing for Hanoi, which is preciously incomparable. Therefore, Hanoi is an indispensable destination for Vietnam tours.

1/ Being proud of the Hanoi shades of time

When mentioning to Hanoi, people usually think of the 36 streets as a default without having to set foot on this land. The ancient streets of Hanoi seem to include the souls of Hanoi citizens from the past to present, store each of them by carving on every architectural building. This characteristic makes tourists’ hearts suddenly beat faster and they will have to ejaculate how cute Hanoi is. Also, Hanoi tourism has developed quickly by a lot of famous historical sites. They are preserved carefully in order to commemorate the merits of Vietnamese ancestors.

2/ Being ecstatic to the colorful shades of flowers

During twelve months in Hanoi, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the colors of twelve different species of flowers. Hanoi people often joke that having lived here for many years, people do not need to see the date because the flowering seasons have become this ancient city’s calendar for a long time. Visiting Hanoi in distinct time, tourists will see clearly its various shades. To illustrate, it is a bright Hanoi on every corner of streets when spring comes, a gentle Hanoi with the color of lotus in June, a passionate Hanoi hidden in milk flower fragrance and a pristine Hanoi when daisy blooms signaling winter comes. Therefore, Hanoi is assumed to be a city of flowering seasons in Vietnam.

3/ Being relaxed by the poetic destinations

Besides the two lovely shades above, people also love Hanoi because of the dating places. There are a variety of cute coffee shops and poetic streets for the couple to have a date and talk together in their free time. Not only tourists and the young, people who have lived in Hanoi for many years also like to stroll along Guom Lake, parks, square or wander Tay Lake at all time in a day to inhale the fresh air from natural area rugs custom rugs in the center of the capital. In addition, Hanoi people love nibbling a cup of hot tea in every morning and keep quiet to think about their life.

4/ Being pleased with the flavor of the ancient cuisine

Beside thousand years of culture and a wide range of beautiful landscapes, Hanoi also makes us infatuated by typical flavor from foods which are unmistakable from others. Walking along the streets of Hanoi, tourists can easily find a plenty of delicious foods. Though it is just sold on the roadside or small stores, people will be immediately addicted to this food after tasting. For example, some famous dishes are Pho, Bun Thang, Bun Cha, spring rolls and so on. It is such a pity if you leave Hanoi without trying these dishes.

Meandering around Hanoi’s Old quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, you can easily spot out cotton treat made on bicycles. The sweet is called ‘keo bong gon’ in Vietnamese which is a type of spun sugar sugary treat with dashes of shading and flavor which change here and there.

5/ Being at peace with the famous autumn of Hanoi

Apart from the acclaimed youthful green rice and white milk blooms, the photo of Hanoi’s fall is additionally painted with red romantic leaves near and far . Autumn is the peak time for tourism in the city. Mai Tien Dung, Deputy Director of the metropolitan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism shared that Hanoi’s “golden” time is windy yet at the same time enjoyably warm for northerners. Mr. Dung trusts that this phase in Hanoi with little rain makes it unique to vacationers.

Instructions to Get There

When you opt for a movement organization in Hanoi, it will mastermind you to see every one of the City features. Noi Bai International Airport is around 35 kilometers north of Hanoi. The air terminal has developed immensely lately and there are non-stop flights from everywhere throughout the world and also local associations with Ho Chi Minh City which might be the means of entering for many abroad visitors. Exchanges to the City will be mansged by your Vietnam travel organization on the off chance that you wish.

There is a genuinely decent system of railroads and streets in Vietnam for explorers who are originating from different parts of the nation.

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