When mentioning to Vietnam, Mekong Delta travel is always an ideal choice due to the mellow beauty of the fruit-laden orchards, the tranquility of rice fields with white stork flocks hovering and the hospitality of the local people here. It includes all the western provinces in Vietnam and becomes one of the most attractive tours among Vietnam tours. Let’s choosing Mekong Delta tours to be immersed in nature and relax after a period time of working busily in the city! It can be a Mekong Delta tour 1 day or a tour 2 days 1 night, it depends on your intention and your vacations.

1 / Floating market

Through a lot of generations, people in the west of Vietnam usually use the boat to move around. It is not only a means of transportation but also as a shelter to live and make ends meet. Tourists can explore the green nature there by rowing on every water canals to soak up the fresh atmosphere. At night, an interesting thing to do is to contemplate the moonlight reflecting on the river and enjoy the sound of storks mixed with the sweet voice of “don ca tai tu”. In addition, floating market is livelier thanks to each burden of people. From your view, you will be fascinated by how people there do business and exchange their goods. People in the traditional market usually sell their goods on the stall, otherwise, the products here are hung on the bar named “bẹo”. Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho is a typical floating market in the west of Vietnam.

2/ Lai Thieu orchard

Far from Ho Chi Minh City about 20 kilometers, Lai Thieu orchard is created by the Saigon river flowing to Thuan An district and divided into two branches. Lai Thieu fruit garden is similar to a storehouse all kinds of fruits such as durian, jackfruit, sapoche, custard and so on. All of them are extremely flavorous. When visiting the garden, you can be allowed to pick the fruits and choose the best one by yourself. Besides, there are some hammocks for you to stay and relax in the garden.

3/ Thap Muoi lotus field

In floating water season, lotus presents everywhere. It is not only in lotus fields but also weaves into paddy fields. Especially, when visiting Phuoc Kien pagoda in Dong Thap, you will find a kind of strange lotus whose leaves are big enough for a person to sit. To contemplate the whole beauty of lotus in floating water season, you should go to Dong Thap Muoi in My Hoa commune, Dong Thap province. This lotus field looks like a giant green carpet accompanied with some lively patterns from pink lotuses.

4/ Tram Chim

Leaving the lotus field in Thap Muoi , going to Tram Chim, you will be surprised by the brilliant yellow of common sesban, the purple color of water lily, the pink color of lotus and the green color of the cajuput forest as well. All of them create a colorful painting of nature for this area. Stepping deeply into the cajuput forest, you will see dozens of species of birds living and nesting all year round. The best time to discover the greatest view from thousands of bird flocks is in the morning when everything starts a new day. Above all, you will witness the routine of life of local people in the west such as how they make ends meet and how they treat each other.

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