The heritage textiles of Sapa 3

Sapa is not only famous with the wonderful landscape, delicious food but also the multicolored culture, especially Hmong textile. From the very first sight, everyone come to Sapa is no doubt attracted by the traditional costume which is more than a local handicraft but a traditional beauty.

The heritage textiles of Sapa

Like all the minority ethnics in Vietnam, probably in the world, the women still have to face a lot of social prejudices. They have to master all useful skills for daily life and for family from making homemade wine to traditional fabric. As a matter of fact, Hmong textiles as well as the process of making this unique fabric is the most admirable heritage of this tribe. This tradition is handed down to posterity.

The heritage textiles of Sapa 2

The Hmong textile is absolutely something to be proud of because you will never know how passionate and hard-worked they are to finish a craft. It is no exaggeration to say that people can compare this traditional handicraft to a Haute couture as it totally a handmade process from the dyeing to weaving.

The heritage textiles of Sapa 3

You can see and broaden your vision with the art of textile, then you know that the process is not as simple as you think at all. Firstly, the women of this mountainous area have to go all the way to the forest looking for the stalk, then drying in the sun and soaked in the water to soften the woody parts. After boiled with beeswax, step by step we have a typical flax fibers.

The heritage textiles of Sapa 5

Secondly, people can tell the difference between the traditions of textile in the other region in the whole country and the northwest of Vietnam. The resident use the unique back-strap weaving loom unlike the popular one. This step demand a lot of technic and skill as well as the patience of the weaver.

The heritage textiles of Sapa 7

The heritage textiles of Sapa 8

Finally, dyeing is the most important step because the most magnetic trait of this special fabric is the beautiful color and the exotic pattern. In fact, the special technic to make the natural dyes is passed down from generation to generation Hmong people. This amazing dyes made from indigo bring the pattern to life as lively as embroidery. But how to make this special dyes is not only a question of time but of technic and patience.

The heritage textiles of Sapa 9

The heritage textiles of Sapa 10

As a matter of fact, the pattern is the soul of this Hmong handicraft. Especially, it’s all hand painted. Inspired from the nature, under the ingenious hand of the Hmong women, a lot of pattern highlight the beauty of the local fabric i.e. birds, trees, flowers, leaves… They not only a creative product but a representative for the spiritual life and the traditional tribal culture which give such an unusual impression.

The heritage textiles of Sapa 12

If you have any chance, don’t hesitate to come to this land and admire this heritage textiles. This Sapa handwork is really an art. And “art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced”.

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