How about northeast Vietnam tours to Cao Bang?

Northeast Vietnam tours are becoming more and more popular. Wilderness is one of the unique attractions of this land. Cao Bang is a wonderful point of Vietnam’s destinations.

Geography and characters of northeastern Vietnam

The Northeast is the north of the Red River Delta. Northeast called to distinguish them from the Northwest. The northeast of Vietnam from Ha Giang to Lang Son. A diverse scene creates an attraction for the area and answers the question of why the northeast has become an ideal destination. This area lacking the grandeur of their western counterparts of the Red River Valley, with the exception of the area around Dong Van and Meo Vac. Typified by pockets of cultivation squeezed among rugged outcrops whose lower slopes are wrinkled with terraces.

Image 1: Mountainous vista from the far north

Northeast Vietnam’s attraction is their rural landscapes, from the traditional scenes of villages engulfed in the forest to the dramatic limestone country. There is also minority folk wearing traditional dress. The province is home to several ethnic minorities, notably the Dao, Nung, and Tay who still maintain their traditional way of life in the more remote uplands. Northeast Vietnam tours always considered amazing tours with these ethnicities.


Image 2: How tourist are able to miss to these smile?

Discover Cao Bang – excursion for venturers only

Cao Bang is a province located in the North-East region of Vietnam. Few travelers in northeast Vietnam tours venture this far north. The journey from Ha Giang along Highway 34 takes you through the beautiful scenery.

Image 3: The zigzag roads takes you to northeast of Vietnam

Cao Bang has a temperate climate with 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Sharing borders with China on the north and east sides, it also adjoins Bac Kan and Lang Son provinces on the south side, and Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang provinces on the west side. As a result, Cao Bang’s location enables it to be involved in many phases of the country’s history and to be an important administrative unit nowadays. Cao Bang lies approximately halfway along the route from Ha Giang to Lang Son and has enough appeal to merit a stopover.

Image 4: Cao Bang shows up poetic beauty

The topography of the province is somewhat complicated because of the many mountains, hills, rivers, and waterfalls, but in general, it is mostly mountainous. Cao Bang’s center may be dusty and noisy, however, the town itself is a likable place. Its riverside setting, with dense clumps of bamboo backed by sugar-loaf mountains, helps to blur the edges. The river is located on the southwest bank of the river, on a spur of land formed by confluence with the Hien River. Tourists can easily be entertained by visiting the famous Thang Lake in Tra Linh, Waterfall, or Mugom Cave in Trung Khanh.

Cao Bang also has several historical sites in which Ho Chi Minh lived and worked as Pac Bo Cave, Coc Bo Cave, Lenin Stream, and Nam Stream. All of them are no doubt the favorite destinations of many modern tourists.

Northeast Vietnam tours always are colorful adventures. You are unable to miss Cao Bang Province with its historical also modern scenes!

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