Exploring Nha Trang Vietnam tours: The islands

There are approximately 19 islands surrounding Nha Trang Bay. Each island is known for its own specialized nature resources and most are open for touring. If you have visited Nha Trang in the past but didn’t have a chance to go to any of these islands, you’re truly missing out. Touring around the islands is one of the best sellers tours out of the Vietnam tours packages list.

Vinh San Ho – The Coral Bay

Vinh San Ho belongs to Hon Mot – Mot island. It has more than a hundred different types of beautiful coral reefs along its bay. They are the most stunning coral reefs you’ll find in Vietnam and are fascinated to anyone who goes see it either through the glass bottom boat, or scuba diving. Hon Tre is one of the biggest islands in Nha Trang Bay.

There is a 5 star luxury resort – Vinpearl land – offering 5 star services on it. You can get up to this island by cable car, ferry services, or by the powerboats. This resort is integrated with amusement park, water park, 5 star golf course, dolphin and seal water show performance, etc. Tourist usually choose to stay in Vinpearl for a couple of day

Vinh San Ho is also known with its lovely shallow beach, warm sand, and deep blue sea water, where you can chill while enjoying the sun, and nature; or be a bit adventurous with all the water sports Vinh San Ho has to offer.

Image 1: Scuba diving in Coral Bay – Nha Trang Vietnam Tours
Image 1: Scuba diving in Coral Bay – Nha Trang Vietnam Tours

Image 2: Numerous water sports activities are available at Vinh San Ho Nha Trang – The #1 pick from Vietnam tours packages

Hon Tre – Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

Hon Tre is one of the biggest islands out of them all, approx. 35km2 in the area. The island lies 5km from the east coast of Nha Trang Bay. With a population of 1500 people, Hon Tre is a home for tourists and fishermen. Hon Tre is known for Vinpearl land – a 5-star luxury hotel integrated with its 5-star attractions, such as a water park, 5-star golf course, 5-star villas, and restaurants. There are 3 major transportations to get to Vinpearl land: powerboats, ferry services, or by the cable car system. Tourists come to Vinpearl to truly indulge themselves with its 5-star services. The island is always sold out during summertime.

Image 3: Hon Tre island – Vietnam tour – 5 star hotel services and attractions

Hon Mun – Ebony island

Hon Mun is Nha Trang’s Ocean Sanctuary. You can easily recognize Hon Mun with its typical ebony rocks that you won’t find anywhere else in Nha Trang.

Image 4: Hon Mun island – the closest to nature you’ll get from the Nha Trang Vietnam Tours

This island is 10km away from the mainland. It is famous by its beautiful, untouched, authentic and eco-friendly island. Nha Trang govern is doing their best to preserve this island beauty to its most wildest and purest.

There are over 1500 coral species and marine creatures, that are 18 meters down under the sea. Many are found in 10 meters depth cave with rare marine life along Hon Mun’s sea bed. Just like at Vinh San Ho, you can observe this craziness of marine life through a glass-bottom boat or dive into the ocean and see-it-yourself.

These 3 islands are the most popular destinations in the Nha Trang island tours from our Vietnam Tour packages. There are also other islands in Nha Trang Bay that are unique on their own and attracted a number of tourists each year, such as Bird’s Nest Island, Hon Mieu Island, Hon tam Island, Monkey Island. We  – Sapaluxurytravel can help designing these private tours for you, if you guys are interested on exploring these island in-depth, just drop our consultants a line at HERE. You’ll never regret it.

Now, go on for any tourists’ part: The FOOD. Discovering the local traditional Nha Trang dishes with us on the next post: “Nha Trang Vietnam tours 2017– The Cuisine”.

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