Discovering Local Taste: Nha Trang Vietnam Tour – The cuisine – Part 2

Banh Can – Can pancake

This cake is made from rice flour, baked with either quailed eggs, or seafood topping. There are countless number of topping the local can come up with, but the popular topping remains travellers’ favorite are quailed eggs, eggs, squids, beef, etc. You can get this dish almost anywhere in Nha Trang. Don’t forget to dip it in the special fish sauce with green onion. Most of the time, you can watch the cook make your Can pancake fresh right after your order.

Banh Can – Delicious Nha Trang pancake

Bun Sua – Jellyfish Rice Noodle Soup

Unlike Fish Patty Rice Noodle Soup, the rice noodle you find in Jellyfish Rice Noodle Soup is quite thin. It may sound a bit freaky, but wait until you have it. These jellyfish are caught offshore, not the one you’ll find while swimming. They usually are quite small in size and are favored by the local. You’ll find it to be crunchy and delightful. Have them with a tiny bit of chilli powder and a slice of lime juice, all the flavor blend in together make this dish stand out from other noodle soup you try out in Vietnam.

Jellyfish rice noodle soup in Nha Trang

Louisiane Brewhouse – Your home cooked meal in Nha Trang

Tired of oriental cuisine, drop by Louisiane and have a freshly brewed beer while enjoying the beach or pool. It has the best-brewed beer in town. You can take a sip of beer while observing/touring the whole process of brewing beer by simply ask the server.

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For the food itself, they have a long menu from Western, Vietnamese to Japanese cuisine. You can get a Pizza to Sushi or a bowl of Pho without hopping from one restaurant to another. Their cooking is on point, and their desserts are the bomb. This place is kid-friendly. They do have a swimming pool in the restaurant, and the beach is just right behind. That means you can do some swimming, tanning or walk along the beach then have your food your way.

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Nha Trang is the all time favorite getaway when it comes to Vietnam tour. It’s the place where you can discover the ocean, enjoy the sun, and love the food. Reserve your Vietnam tour with us and let’s hit the Nha Trang beach.

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