Where to go in Vietnam – Sapa richly deserves a place in top spots.

Sapa richly deserves a place in top spots 2

Who wants to get off the beaten track? Who is dying for the question of where to go, what to see in Vietnam? This article will stoke up your enthusiasm to go and explore the pure beauty of Sapa tours, an area in northern Vietnam.

Among myriad aspects, there are 3 most conspicuous things to help us understand why is the chosen one. First things first, when it comes to Sapa destinations, how can we ignore the picturesque scenery combined by dense vapors and sublime mountains there. To capture the ideal moments in this place, you should and must wake up in wee hours, bring your decent camera and climb to the highest place and enjoy the panoramic views. You will definitely refresh your mind inhaling pure mountainous air. The amazing pictures captured with your beloved ones are incomparable memories for sure.

And during Sapa journey, you should know ins and outs about the one-of-the-kind cuisine in that spot. All ingredients have one thing in common: the freshness. Local produce makes its way to table with the intact nutrients. Livestock ranging from pigs to chickens and horses are one hundred percent free range, hence the meats are super firm and distinctively fragrant. Because they are almost wild animals and need years to reach appropriate size for butchery, locals treat these proteins as medicine also. Some dishes make your mouth water are roasted local pork, com lam ( rice cooked in bamboo pieces), grilled stream fish, etc. You have just known what to eat, how about what to drink? This question is spot on because an indigenous kind of alcohol is about to be unveiled. Tao meo alcohol ( tao means apple; meo: means the Vietnamese ethnic minority who created this). The is nothing much to say about the process to produce this beverage but the funny side (and a bit paradoxical) is that those fruits with maggots are the best to bring to life the premium wine! Besides that, this wine is used by couples to show the engagement in their love which based on the bitterness and sweetness aftertaste of this amazing liquid. This leads to its other moniker: love wine. A gulp of love wine with your another half in the middle of the pristine highland is remarkable, isn’t it?

Cho phien (love fair) is another Sapa icon and its attraction entices even domestic guests let alone foreigners. In the past decades, this unique market was gathered at the weekend to mainly exchange local stuff such as pigs, handmade fabric, fish, herbs, spices, etc. The most interesting point there appeared in its name, which is a love-related tradition. At there, men play a musical instrument made of a single leaf to show their talent in front of girls. Once a girl shows interest in someone, she will actively approach and give him an accessory such as a ring or necklace and step backward. “At the end of the day, only distance rows of trees know where they go and what they are talking together”. What a simple yet beautiful life to enjoy.