When is the best time to visit Sapa 1

Vietnam is located in both a tropical and a temperate zone. If the hot weather in the south make you tired, the high rate of rainfall in the north become an inconvenience for tourist. Located in the northwest, Sapa appear as such an ideal destination which neutralize the limit of climatic condition in these two area and stand out with the comfortable climate all year round and the four season per day. But to guarantee the best time in Sapa, let’s take a look at the notes below.

First of all, tourist have to ask themselves what they want to see and experience in Sapa. A foggy city discovery or a sunny trekking tour? A golden waterfall of terraced rice field or a Sapa covered by snow?

As people all known the poor condition of roads in this mountainous area which become easily a disaster after a heavy rain. Then to all fan of trek, the warm weather and the sunny day at the end of March can be considered as the ideal moment to do a Sapa trekking tour. Unfortunately, you can’t take any picture of a golden terraced rice field but a brown field filled with water waiting for planting.

When is the best time to visit Sapa 1

Though you still can’t contemplate the famous view of the terraced rice field but April and May is the best time to admire a Sapa decorated by the beautiful shade of pink of wide variety of flowers from plum flower to cherry blossoms. Just don’t get lost in and take the most beautiful pictures. Furthermore, tourists who eager to have a full discovery around the town will be welcomed by the pleasant weather all day long.

When is the best time to visit Sapa 2

Tourists come to Sapa in June will be immerse in the freshness of green rice fields. In addition, you can see farming activities in the field. By any chance, an interesting conversation with smiley farmer will become a highlight in your journey in Sapa. Besides, to someone who long for a trek, the rainy day and hot weather don’t let you have a nice experience of trekking.

From July to August, the weather is not so wet but still hot. Don’t forget to try a homestay programs which will leave you the most amazing memories in Sapa. Especially, it’s such a nice chance to learn the local handicraft or taste some delicious specialties… The more you discover the more you love the unique culture of the divers ethnics in this upland town.

September, the best time to admire one of the most must-visit terraced rice fields in the world finally come. Don’t forget to bring your camera by your side at this time of the year because you don’t ever want to miss a single beauty shot of the tremendous rice fields. From a high angle, people will be impressed with the natural palette of all shades of green, yellow and golden of the terrace. But, one more thing to notice that this is the high season in Sapa so the town and mountains is crowded.

When is the best time to visit Sapa 3

From December to January, Sapa will change the colors and then be covered by the flawless white of snow. At this time, the nature and mountains offer views that can accurately be described as “breathtaking”. But, come to think about the heavy snow, it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors.

When is the best time to visit Sapa 4

Sapa keep refreshing itself all year round but no matter what the charm of this land still leave you different impression that you can’t experience enough with a single visit. Let return to check another shade of beauties of Sapa!

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