Travel in Vietnam, what means of transport to choose 2

Transportation is the most important element which guarantee a success travel. In Vietnam you have also the same option as other places: plane, train, bus and motorbike… But first of all I want you to make sure you understand well these notes below before making a tour Vietnam. When you get ready, it become an adventure which broaden your horizons.

If you have to do a long trip in your journey, get a train ticket to guarantee your traveler mood. You will never know how crazy the bus driver is. It’s not that mental problem but he drive like crazy, so fast and so annoying. Annoying? Yeah, you heard right. They keep horning and horning all the way. So do you still think that you can relax on a bus like that until your next destination? Saying that but bus is still a very convenient vehicles to travel in Vietnam but you have to be a wise traveler. To avoid all troubles tourist just have to choose a reputable bus service. That’s it!

Travel in Vietnam, what means of transport to choose 1

Though the train shake a little but the commodity is guaranteed. As a matter of fact, train is the best option for you to recharge your energy for a whole new discovery. To western guys, you may feel a little inconvenient because the bed, the room… and all are Asian standard. It means, it’s not very large but still very comfortable. And if you do a day trip, you have a nice chance to admire the spectacular landscapes as well as the life by the railway.

Travel in Vietnam, what means of transport to choose 2

Have you ever think about riding a motorbike in your Vietnam tour? Then how about a Vespa tour in Hoi An or in the town of Ho Chi Minh city? That sounds great, huh? In fact, People all know that motorbike if the main ingredient in Vietnamese traffic so it’s no doubt one of the most attractive way to travel in Vietnam. Then if you have an international driver’s license, don’t hesitate to make a tour like that to admire the town by your own.

Travel in Vietnam, what means of transport to choose 3

Come to think about the traffic, it’s about to answer the question “How to survive to the crazy Vietnamese traffic?” That’s the thing you have to get ready for before coming to Vietnam. Just keep the adventurer in yourself lead the way.

Now what do you think? No matter which means of transport accompanied with your trip, Vietnam will never let you down. Wonderful landscape, delicious food, multicolored culture… Then what are you waiting for? Let just pack your bags and have an unforgettable trip in Vietnam.

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