A feast of flavor on the charcoal grill in Sapa 6

A feast of flavor on the charcoal grill in Sapa

In every grilled food store, you can easily meet a dozen of bamboo tube arranged on the furnace grill. You probably don’t know what it is but the fragrance attractive of sticky rice still...
Buffalo trading floor in northwest Vietnam 2

Buffalo “trading floor” in northwest Vietnam

Through the article Water buffalo and its meaningful life in northwest Vietnam, the important role of the water buffalo in life of northwest people is still not a mystery. This fact lead the apparition...
When is the best time to visit Sapa 1

When is the best time to visit Sapa?

Vietnam is located in both a tropical and a temperate zone. If the hot weather in the south make you tired, the high rate of rainfall in the north become an inconvenience for tourist....

Water buffalo and its meaningful life in northwest Vietnam

Water buffalo is more than once well-known as the symbol of Vietnam, a cultural land of the wet rice civilization. Under the space of modern life this honor animal little by little turn into...

The secret of Sapa famous cuisine

The unique gastronomy is no doubt the best attraction of Vietnam. Then every region from north to south supposed to typically develop a regional art of culinary. And Sapa too, this mountainous area have a...

Must-try food in Sapa (part 1)

The secret of famous cuisine in Sapa is the way their treasure food and respect the genuine flavor of each ingredient in such a wonderful art of culinary combination. You need to try once time...

Sapa – A paradise in the cloud

Under such a summer heat, what will appear in your mind as a dream destination? A sunny beach? Not really, I can sure than you don’t want to be drowned in the crowd. An amusement...

The beauty that is Sapa

Heading to Sapa as the sun roseAnyone that is thinking about going to Sapa but isn't sure if it's worth it, let me tell you, it is! One of the many b..


Rice fields View in the VillagesOur night bus was due to pick us up at our hotel 9.30 pm. We expected that it might be closer to 10 pm. as we were living quite ..

Tramping around Sapa

Sapa rice terracesOur guide from yesterday, I now know that her name is spelt Dao but pronounced Yioau, met us just before 9.00am and we were joined by a young ..

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