The unique gastronomy is no doubt the best attraction of Vietnam. Then every region from north to south supposed to typically develop a regional art of culinary. And Sapa too, this mountainous area have a secret that make local cuisine steal the heart of all tourist in their Sapa tours. Let find out what is it!

Seasonal food

Thank for the temperate climate, Sapa appear nothing different from a paradise for vegetarian. In fact, come to this upland, not only vegetarian but also all tourist feel satisfy with fresh vegetables, crunchy salad, and juicy fruits. People can also try some kind of delicious wild vegetables with a distinct flavor that you have probably never tasted before. Come to think about the diversity of local fruit, you will be amazed by its wide range with fragrance peaches, red plum, local apple, juicy orange…

Cooking secret

Come to think about the charm of local cuisine, we have to give it the best compliment. Do the residents have a secret ingredient to make food taste better? Not at all. Their secret is nothing different keeping the natural flavor of the ingredient by simplify the way of cooking and combination of food. Furthermore, the residents use a wide range of aroma plants to enhance the taste instead of too much spices. Boosting the natural flavor is considered as the way they thank for good crops and respect the nature.

Farming style

The resident in this mountainous area don’t do farming activities in an industrial way. They don’t lodge neither animal in a stall nor feed them industrial animal feed but let them run around and find some wild vegetable as food for themselves. Sometime people also feed them corn or sweet potatoes or kind of local agriculture product… Come to think about that we can count some favorite local specialty as black chicken (ga ac), hand-carried piglet (lon cap nach)… In fact, this way of farming make these animal stronger and the meat also reach a higher quality, more nutritious and more delicious. A sliced of flavorful grilled hand-carried piglet or a taste of the fragrance black chicken soup… will make you get lost in such a feast of flavor.


Thank for a wide range of food, citizen well done in create a lot of local homemade wine well-known as specialties in the high jungle mountain of Sapa i.e. rice wine, local apple wine, corn wine… As the matter of fact, once you taste this traditional booze, your list of favorite drink will probably be longer. The fresh and high-quality ingredients beside the amazing ancient process of making wine will guarantee to the best wine. Wine in Sapa is not a drink but an elite product of the gift of nature, the temperature and the art of making wine.

Sapa cuisine is a wonderful creation following the Yin and Yang theory, people supposed to turn the simplest thing into the most magnetic attraction. Come and try a taste to know if it is that good.

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