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A trip in Sapa will not only your sight with beautiful landscape and breathtaking scenery but also the multicolored cuisine, literally. Yeah, your ears didn’t deceive you and it’s of course about one of the most famous specialties of this mountainous land Sapa, seven color steamed rice.

When you have a chance to taste this typical food, don’t be too impressive with its appearance. Scarlet, dark red, purple, indigo, brown, green, yellow. So much color huh? Don’t worry, these beautiful color are not that chemical food coloring product but all made from natural ingredients. That the thing make this dish stand out over a lot of local food to be on top must-try food in Sapa.

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This colorful dish is not only a symbol of regional culinary but more than that it bring a spiritual meaning behind each color. Honestly, do you ever curious about the meaning of these color or the origin of the dish? Why not other seven color? Come to think about that people want to tell us a story about the history and the culture handed down from generation to generation.

Once upon a time, the enemy intended to invade the country, Nung Din people living next to the border bravely fought back together to protect the peace of the mother nation. The intense war lasted from January to July that year and also killed a lot of people in the village who sacrificed their life for their beloved country.

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Therefore, every 1st July, Nung Din people celebrate a ceremony to remind the gratitude of their heroic ancestors and the victory against the enemy. In addition, the seven color symbolize the seven months in combat and the very beautiful meanings: green color represent the spring, dark red relate to blood exchanged for the success in the war, the yellow one for the dispersion, the scarlet symbolize the victory… But to make these exotic color is a real art which demand a lot of technic and patience.

First of all, for a perfect flavor, people use only the best sticky rice with all long and round grains which are soaked in water about 12 hours before soaked in the color about 3 hours. Taking about the color we are talking about the soul of this delicacy. They are all making from leaves and plants from the forest under the skillful hand of tribal women.

Seven color steamed glutinous rice in Sapa 3

Thus, the fragrance of local sticky rice turn into seven different flavors when mixed with the natural food coloring. Just try a taste can even give you an explosion of flavor in your mouth, simple, exotic and delicious. People eat this special steamed sticky rice with grilled foods like: grilled chicken, grilled hand-carried piglet…

In addition, seven color steamed glutinous rice is also the traditional dish in Tet because they believe that eating this colorful food in New Year will be the best way to bring luck and happiness for the whole family.

Seven color steamed glutinous rice in Sapa 4

Then it’s no exaggeration to say that no one can resist themselves to turn into a fan one they try a taste this beautiful dish. If you have a chance to come to Sapa, don’t hesitate to verify what I just said.

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