Under such a summer heat, what will appear in your mind as a dream destination? A sunny beach? Exotic vacation in luxurious Koh Samui villa, on the white sand beach.. Not really, I can sure than you don’t want to be drowned in the crowd. An amusement park? Something more natural sounds better for relaxation… Then how about a foggy city, an airy valley, a picturesque village… are they cool enough? But you don’t have to choose when you can have it all. Yeah, that because it’s all surprisingly at Sapa tours. Sapa is a hidden paradise in the cloud.

Lying in a very peaceful area in the northern of Viet Nam, this mountain town is no doubt a beautiful gift from the Mother of nature with breathtaking Fansipan, picturesque terraced fields, Ham Rong Mountain, wonderful Silver waterfall, beautiful flower gardens… In fact, the scenery of the Sapa region in large part can reflect the relationship between the minority people and the nature. The more you come close to Sapa and the people the more you can feel their beautiful way of living with the nature.

There are more than five ethnic groups living harmony in Sapa. That plays a huge role in the cultural diversity in this quiet mountain town. Travelling in Sapa, you can by chance participate some very interesting festivals, i.e. Giáy people’s festival Roóng poc, H’Mông people’s festival Sai Sán, Dao people’s spring festival… After all, you have to drop by some villages and visit their weekend fair. But nothing more interesting than the Sapa love market which can make you drop your soul.

Sapa is not affected by the high temperature in the tropical but the temperate climate because of its geographic location. More than that, in the summer there are amazingly four season in a day: a cool-fresh-air-spring-like in the morning, a warm sunny noon, a beautiful autumn in the afternoon and a freezing winter night. Furthermore, with that height Sapa seems like surrounded by fog and cloud, what make your dream of walking in the sky comes true when you can feel apparently the cloud flying slowly around you and the cool air cuddling you.

Once you come here, you will turn into a gourmet. In fact, your mouth will salivate to the taste of place there. But make sure that you won’t miss Thang Co, a real food porn of this upland area. Thank for the nature, you have to taste some fresh Cat apples (Táo mèo), plumes and apricots. Come to think about these delicious fruits, remember to check the unique flavor of the fragrant fruit wines and ciders but don’t let yourself drunk because your journey still have a long way to go…

But, please don’t just listen to my words, just go and see. Pack your luggage and make a tour in Sapa straightaway to find out all these things by yourself in this summer.

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