Relaxation in Sapa 3
  1. Admire the view by relaxing and soaking feet in warm water

What are you looking for after hours of trekking in the mountains in a sunny day? Relax and soak feet in warm water is definitely what you need. Yeah, that is what you are supposed to enjoy when you choose a homestay tour. No word can express that comfortable feeling, but you can imagine it right now, so cozy and so satisfy, right?

Relaxation in Sapa 1

But the real reward is the moment you sitting in your homestay place located on the high hill and admire the wonderful view of the breathtaking mountains hidden behind the cloud curtain layered the vast terraced rice fields. you can even feeling the cool air carressing your sweaty skin whenever a wind comes by.

Relaxation in Sapa 2

  1. Visit a massage place

It’s not the only thing you can experience by making a Sapa tour. Right in the town, there are a lot of massage spot where you can be served the best service to refresh yourself and get ready for a new journey in Sapa.

Relaxation in Sapa 3

It’s such a waste if you don’t grab this chance to enjoy the traditional massage technique in Asian style, especially combined with fragrant oil. Honestly, no one can resist a nice muscle-melting massages. Such luxury could be had for less than the cost of yoga class at home, your muscles were tensed in anticipation.

  1. Authentic Red Dao medicated bath experience

But the most interesting experience is waiting for you. By visiting Dao village, you must try authentic Red Dao medicated bath experience. In reality, there are many spa in town provide this kind of relaxation for tourist who are exhausted after a long night on the train and some more hours on a coach. Furthermore, if you want to know more about this unique tradition, you should visit Ta Phin village located 12 km from the town, the place herbal bath appear.

Relaxation in Sapa 4

Once you enter the bathroom, your smell will be impressed by the unique fragrance of the vivid, dark red water inside the wood-bathtub. People use more than 10 different medicinal leaves both collected from the forest and planted in the garden which even can’t properly be spell into Vietnamese. For that typical water, they boil all these leaves in water about 1 hour.

Relaxation in Sapa 5

Nothing better than immerse your whole body in the herb water and relax. Sweat beaded on your forehead and dripped from your head, each pore relaxed to absorb the herb water to each fiber of your body… After the whole 35-minute period, your body was completely refreshed. You don’t really know the benefits of this amazing therapy but you can feel the difference of your body after such a bath.

Relax, refresh and recharge are the right words to talk about what you can expect from a trip in Sapa.

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