The secret of famous cuisine in Sapa is the way their treasure food and respect the genuine flavor of each ingredient in such a wonderful art of culinary combination. You need to try once time in your Sapa tours.

Salmon and sturgeon

Salmon and Sturgeon are so familiar with foreigner tourists that they can pass it as well? No, not really! I guarantee that you don’t want to miss such a chance to taste the freshness and the fragrance of this taste of place in Sapa. Let forget about the flavor you used to eat but concentrate on taste the dishes full of flavors which make can’t stop your mouth but keep being a gourmet.

In fact, there are some salmon and sturgeon farm right near to the famous Silver Waterfall the visitor can come to see the farming activities as well as choose the fish for your meal. As a matter of fact, fresh ingredients, delicious food… scared about the prices? You don’t have when people always joking around that in Sapa where you can taste the western food with a Vietnamese price.

You used to fall for the flavor of fried or salmon with sauce in a western style, then you have to blow your mind with the diverse recipes in Vietnamese cooking style, not sophisticated but still delicious. If your smell is aroused by the charming fragrance of grilled fish, your taste can’t resist the colorful flavor of a salmon hot pot full of fresh ingredients… your whole five senses will be awake once you start to discover the local cuisine

Hand-carried piglets

Hand-carried piglets or “lon cap nach” in Vietnamese is a kind of popular small cattle in Sapa. What make it special is nothing different from the way people raise these little pig by just let them run around and find wild vegetable as food. In one hand, the fact that they don’t use any animal feed can make sure the quality and the nutritious value of meat. On the other hand, running around for food make the meat become more delicious.

In reality, you can see the town stuffed with signature hand-carried piglet dishes in front of every restaurant. But the best dish is always grilled piglet. A sliced of meat cover by a very crunchy grilled skin make a very exciting sound in your ears. The meat is extremely tender and juicy melted right in your mouth… All of these flavor will be enhanced by a shot of homemade local apple wine (Ruou Tao meo) which will make you drunk with your flavorful feast.

Thang co

After all, the most famous taste of place in Sapa is absolutely Thang Co – a unique recipe of H’mong tribe. Thang co in H’mong language may be translated as “big pot of water” with horsemeat as well as the internal organs. This dish is accompanied with some aromatic grass and fresh vegetables. Such a very clever combination to enhance the dish in a rustic way.

Thang Co seems not easy to eat for the majority of visitors to Sapa.It may sound so not good. But trust me, once you taste it you will never forget the unique flavor. Furthermore, your journey can be accomplished perfectly without tasting Thang co.

More than that, this specialty give you more than a taste but a process of enjoying food. Sitting by the flavorful hotpot hung above the fire, people taste the food and chat about something interesting with the typical fragrance flying in the warm air in the kitchen in contrary to the cold climate.

Then, it’s true to say that once you come to Sapa, you have to loosen your waistband. You will never know how much they are obsessed with food until their journey in Sapa.

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