Things to know when travelling to Sapa

Things to know when travelling to Sapa To help you have more knowledge about Sapa, we would like to provide some needed experience for your trip. It is will be ..

The beauty that is Sapa

Heading to Sapa as the sun roseAnyone that is thinking about going to Sapa but isn't sure if it's worth it, let me tell you, it is! One of the many b..

Walk through hill tribe villages Lao Chai – Ta Van

TRIP HIGHLIGHTS Half day Style Classic tours, Price from US$20 A walk down..

Hotels in Sapa

Hotels in Sapa The Sapa Distric is well known for its beautiful and romantic town with many hotels: Chau Long, Chapa Dew, Victoria, U Sapa, Holidays, Fansipang ..

The best time to travel Sapa

The best time to travel Sapa The best time to travel Sapa by Sapa bus is called "Special aircraft on the ground" in business class Sapa is a famous resort town ..

Travel in Vietnam, what means of transport to choose?

Transportation is the most important element which guarantee a success travel. In Vietnam you have also the same option as other places: plane, train,...

Fansipan Legend – the ultimate destination in the city of...

What do you think about walking shopping, visiting pagoda, playing around in amusement park… in the clouds? Yeah, seriously, you can experience it all...

The 4 unique destinations in Mekong Delta in Vietnam

When mentioning to Vietnam, Mekong Delta travel is always an ideal choice due to the mellow beauty of the fruit-laden orchards, the tranquility of...

The simply nostalgic beauty of Hanoi

Hanoi does not attract people by being a magnificent capital but it is a simple Hanoi that makes people drunk with its beauty and...

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